I have conducted research over the last three years to answer a fundamental question:

“How do you move forward from failure?”

While most of this imperative research is built upon a lifetime of anecdotal evidence, the first lesson learned from this research is that experiences with failure alone are irrelevant, unless a lesson or insight can be gained from it. That insight or metacognition can be activated and molded by a framework for learning.

This is not a new framework, but rather a framework that has not been labeled nor introduced into the zeitgeist of learning or performance vocabulary. From birth your mind naturally views situations and experiences in terms of learning. You have been creating “Learning Frames” to explore and explain the world around you all of your life.

A Learning Frame is how people view change, how they view learning, and their mindset toward failure and success. Knowing about this framework changes the fundamental question of “How do you move forward from failure?” to “How do you learn from failure?”

You learn from failure by creating a new purposeful, personalized, Learning Frame.
Some things you learned about yourself in school are not true. You actually can change, and your mind can embrace new knowledge in new and ever changing situations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. There is no recipe for learning. A framework for learning is more powerful than a prescribed method, technique, or style of learning.

Learning Frames is a systematic approach, based upon neuroscience and instructional design principles that will help you diagnose learning needs, formulate learning goals, and implement appropriate learning strategies. This framework will change your learning behavior and mindset.

Success is all about learning. How you view learning will determine your level of achievement.

The next time you fail to reach your goals you will know how to learn from that failure if you follow the key tenets of this new book.

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