Learning Frames is a systematic approach to change your learning behavior and mindset, helping you learn your way to success.

Learning Frames is the next revolution in learning.  You can create your own learning experience regardless of the subject matter, your instructor or your learning environment.

Learning Frames integrates with all formal education and all just-in-time learning content.


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How does Learning Frames affect your educational experience?

Based upon proven neuroscience and instructional design principles a learning framework will:

• Give you a sustainable mindset for learning
• Give you the tools and methods to overcome learning bias and increase your ability to learn
• Give you a framework that empowers you to increase your potential

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Most of us can remember that one special teacher that helped to make a difference in our lives.  The problem is that 99% of the other teachers and learnings experiences are not that positive.

If you are in the 99% and experiencing bad instructors, ineffective or boring content you probably feel powerless. Your options seem very limited. You either must live with it or try to find a better teacher or class. The reality is that good teachers are in short supply and great learning experiences are hard to predict.

Before you give up I want you to ask yourself this simple question:

Why do some people who attend the same class you do get A’s, while your learning experience seems horrible?

Is it because they are smarter than you, more motivated, come from a better background?  Even if all those things are true it doesn’t mean you can’t learn or outperform your peers.

What these academic performers have learned is to not rely upon a teacher to create a great learning experience.  Instead they create their own learning experiences.  They are accountable for their ability to learn.  While you can’t change the quality of instruction you can change your ability to learn and the quality of your learning experience by using Learning Frames.

Why do some people learn faster and are more successful than you?

All success and all self-help philosophies relay upon a single cognitive mechanism, which is your ability to learn.  Successful people have created individual learning frameworks, which in turn creates a different kind of learning experience for them and a different perspective about life.  This is why it seems like successful people are going through life on a different path or alternate reality from what you experience.  The ability to learn is why some people are tremendously successful and others are not, even though their environment and life experience are very similar.

These learning frameworks effects almost every part of their life.  This is how and why successful people like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson experience learning differently by engaging a meta-cognitive framework, which sharpens both their awareness of what to learn and how to apply learning in powerful practical manner.

Fast learners and successful people have learned how to trigger this framework for learning to their advantage.  You can too.  You just need to discover your Learning Framework.

Learning Frameworks are for:


Product architects


Business leaders


Lifelong learners

And many, many more

What makes Learning Frames different from other “learning how to learn” systems, programs or MOOCS?

Learning Frames is not a technique, a method, or a trick to learn faster.   Learning Frames isn’t about speed to knowledge, but rather relevance of knowledge and the anchoring of learning for active use and meaningful expression.

The reason why learning strategies, learning tricks and methods can’t be reproduced with the same consistent results is because they are not wrapped in an effective learning experience that you create.  This is also why self-help books, methods and systems never live up to their promise.  The reason you fail to learn these habits, attributes and self-actualization systems is because you are not placing this knowledge within your Learning Frame.

Innovation and Learning Frames

How do successful companies and individuals learn, and what is their learning framework?

This question led me to propose that effective, honest and active learning starts with the “why” question, which frames all actions and intents toward learning.  This “why” question become a north star for a company and for an individual.

To illustrate the power of asking why  Simon Sinek uses the hallmark story of the Wright brothers and their journey to invent controlled powered flight, which became the catalyst for aviation as we know it today.

“The Wright brothers were driven by a cause, by a purpose, by a belief. They believed that if they could figure out this flying machine, it would change the course of the world.”

In contrast the well-funded Samuel Peirpont Langley, also on the same journey, wanted to crack the question of flight to be famous and be first.

why_lf_smallIn the end, the Wright brothers, who believed in the dream, worked with blood and sweat and tears discovered how to fly on December 17th of 1903.  Langley went into obscurity and the Wright brothers became famous.

I think there is more to be learned here.

I think the story of the Wright brothers shows how tapping into the why question of innovation creates a framework of learning.

This reframing toward learning, rather than building something first, is a powerful concept.  In modern terms, a learning culture occurs when failure is reframed into learning opportunities.

Self-Help and Learning Frames.

Why does failure seem to follow you when you try to make a change in your life by reading self-help books and getting motivated?  All of the knowledge gained and motivation felt from these methods and systems easily evaporate because they are not contained within a Learning Frame for success.  Without a Learning Frame theses self-help experiences are fragmented and dissipate every 18 months from the time you want to make a change in your life to the inevitable failure of your goals.  Then the cycle repeats.

The reason you fail at these self-help systems or your attempt to emulate successful people’s actions and attitudes is because you are trying to replicate strategies, methods and tactics without emulating their learning frame, nor are you aware of your own learning framework.

Why are you always setting goals but never achieving them?  Have you considered learning your way to success?

How can you create your own Learning Frame?

Learning Frames

Learning Frames is a system for creating learning goals and experiences that will empower you to increase your potential.

Learning Frames is a simple yet powerful cognitive alignment model that helps you create effective learning experiences.  Based upon proven neuroscience and instructional design principles, Learning Frames harmonizes how your mind and body work empowering you to create relevant learning experiences that will change your life.


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