Learning culture crushes hard work every time. 

Part of the Learning Maze Series.

In an interview with CEO Ryan Carson about how he grew his business, Treehouse, he admitted how learning helped move the business forward.

Like all of us Ryan had a time when he flat-out did not know what he needed to do to.

From the interview:

“I started to work really hard and it was just super discouraging, [but I knew] I basically had to build out our business to business. We were a consumer business and we didn’t t sell really much to business at all and I knew that’s where we needed go and I had to go figure it out… it was just super discouraging I didn’t know anything about sales I literally had to go to YouTube and learn how do you sell things.
I felt humiliated… Here I am I’m a grown man, I’m a CEO and I don’t know how to sell something and I don’t want my employees know and so I had to try to teach myself all this stuff and it was months of getting rejected feeling dumb not knowing how to build a sales pipeline.”

Once Ryan learned the skills he had to work hard and visualize what sucess looks like. He was in the levels of learning dip described by Seth Godin.


How did Ryan win? He learned his way out.
How did he learn? He framed his learning and became self-directed.

Benefits of Self-Directed Learning

Whether you are looking to learn something at conference or webinar for your boss or for yourself, here are just a few of the benefits of self-directed learning.

  • Increase Ownership of Learning
  • Foster Metacognition
  • Develop Career Readiness Skills
  • Nurture an Appreciation for Learning
  • Owning your learning is a great mindset. How to own it is where learning goals come into play.

Framing your learning with a learning goal makes a big difference.

What is a Learning Goal?
Learning goals are typically for presenter or instructors in the context of a lesson, a lecture or a training course. They have a narrow focus and help the instructors define the reason for the event and how to evaluate your learning. If students set learning goals it turns this around and empowers you as a learner to set your own goals and objectives.
A learning goal is the fuel for a Learning.

Most people have never set a learning goal. Here is why you should!

Psychologist and Professor Carol Dweck’s research concluded that “Learning goals trigger entirely different chains of thought and action from performance goals. A focus on performance instead of on learning and growing causes people to hold back from risk taking or exposing their self-image to ridicule by putting themselves into situations where they have to break a sweat to deliver the critical outcome.”

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