How to Navigate Your Learning


Here is the outline for my new book

The Learning Maze: A New Framework For Personalized Learning



  • Purpose of book
  • Why do we learn things differently
  • Goal vs. Strategy

Section 1: Reason for Learning

  • Metacognition
  • The Why of Learning
  • Sleep
  • Neuroscience of Learning
  • Curiosity
  • 5 Second Rule
  • Grit

Section 2: Analyze the Need for Learning

  • Life Strategies
  • Mindset
  • Mental models
  • Learning styles
  • Learning Objectives

Section 3: Stratedgy for Learning

  • What is a Learning Strategy
  • Strategy for Active Learning
  • Learning goals vs performance goals
  • How memory works
  • The power of focus
  • How to study and Learn

Section 4: Evaluate Learning

  • Ways we delude ourselves
  • Testing Strategy
  • Retrieval practice
  • Adapt
  • Value of failure
  • Crossing the Dip
  • Teachable Agents

Section 5: Create Your Own Learning Frame

  • How to create a Learning Frame
  • Setting Learning Goals
  • Using you own Learning Frame


Based upon proven neuroscience and instructional design principles a learning framework will:

  • Give you a sustainable mindset for learning
  • Give you the tools and methods to overcome learning bias and increase your ability to learn
  • Give you a framework that empowers you to increase your potential


Why do some people learn faster and are more successful than you?

All success and all self-help philosophies relay upon a single cognitive mechanism, which is your ability to learn. Successful people have created individual learning frameworks, which in turn creates a different kind of learning experience for them and a different perspective about life. This is why it seems like successful people are going through life on a different path or alternate reality from what you experience. The ability to learn is why some people are tremendously successful and others are not, even though their environment and life experience are very similar.

These learning frameworks effects almost every part of their life. This is how and why successful people like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson experience learning differently by engaging a meta-cognitive framework, which sharpens both their awareness of what to learn and how to apply learning in powerful practical manner.
Fast learners and successful people have learned how to trigger this framework for learning to their advantage. You can too. You just need to discover your Learning Framework.

Learning Frames is not a technique, a method, or a trick to learn faster. Learning Frames isn’t about speed to knowledge, but rather relevance of knowledge and the anchoring of learning for active use and meaningful expression.

The reason why learning strategies, learning tricks and methods can’t be reproduced with the same consistent results is because they are not wrapped in an effective learning experience that you create.

This is also why self-help books, methods and systems never live up to their promise. The reason you fail to learn these habits, attributes and self-actualization systems is because you are not placing this knowledge within your own personal Learning Frame.


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