Coping With Fear Through Learning

“People often think of failure as not hitting a very specific mark (state champion, management consultant, etc.). I've always been of the mentality that I'll shoot for the stars and if I miss, I'll still be in outer space. Life isn't a cleanly defined, linear experience. Success will look very different for different people. I think we should look at life's experiences as learning milestones and a series of pivots. I'm very happy with where I am today. If I had "succeeded" at some of the goals I listed above, I might not be where I am today. But I'm happier now than I would have been in another position. So really, I "succeeded" by failing at my other goals. Life's really what you make it. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from failure? Failure is the greatest teacher, and not because you need to get slammed really hard to learn. It's the greatest teacher because it shows that YOU were willing to put yourself out there and shoot for something audacious. You learned a lot more from that than you would have with a smaller goal in a sterile environment.”

Five Best Books About Learning How To Learn

We could all use a learning tune up from time to time. Surprisingly, current assumptions about how we learn are wrapped in myths and supported by outdated study methods that work against the latest neuroscientific research. Learning is really core in increasing your abilities. For career or academic commitments we all have to learn and we should be learning from life expeirnces, especially from failure.

If you’re in school or a lifelong learner I offer my recommendation on the five best books about learning how to learn.