It’s a new year and your setting goals because want to improve. You are going to have set backs. 
How do you overcome fear, failure, and frustration
Research from the University of Scranton indicate that only 8% of Americans are able to actually achieve their New Year’s goals. In kind, psychologist Richard Wiseman found only 10% of people in a study he conducted reached their stated goals .

Does self-help work?

Why does failure seem to follow you when you try to make a change in your life by reading self-help books and getting motivated? 
Research shows that self-help experiences are fragmented and dissipate every 18 months from the time you want to make a change in your life to the inevitable failure of your goals.  Then the cycle repeats.
The reason you fail at these self-help systems or your attempt to emulate successful people’s actions and attitudes is because you are trying to replicate strategies, methods and tactics without emulating their learning frame, nor are you aware of your own learning framework.

I propose that the number one reason people fail to achieve their goals is because peoples focus on ability and performance rather than acquiring new knowledge and skills first.  Those who learn to succeed have a mindset for active, lifelong-learning as they work toward their aims. 
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books in the frame  

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