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Become a better learner in 5 seconds

Procrastination is the #1 problem when it comes to studying.

Let’s face it. You probably never want to study.

It’s hard and sometimes it doesn’t pay off.

If you describe yourself as poor student and you have had bad learning experiences you probably feel paralyzed when it comes to testing and trying to learn.

The 5 Second Rule developed by Mel Robins can help you overcome this mindset. The Rule allows you to beat your brain at its own game and distract it from the ways that it tries to sabotage you.

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How to Maximize Your Conference Learning Experience

Learning at a conference is not something you should leave to chance.
Before you go to your next conference invest in your ability to focus, learn and share important insights and knowledge.


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Learning How to Learn

Use Learning Frames for Durable Learning

By the end of this Learning How to Learn course you will be able to:

-Identify the factors that can unlock your potential as a learner by focusing on your Learning Frame.

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How to Create Your Own Learning Frames

Create your own learning experience

By the end of the Learning Frames course you will be able to:

  • Use 6 study methods based upon proven neuroscience to enhance your study skills.
  • Identify the factors that can unlock your potential as a learner by focusing on the reason why you want to learn.
  • Identify the factors that both inhibit your ability to learn and limit your understanding of what to learn that will unlock your potential.
  • Identify the methods and techniques that increase your ability to retain information that leads to durable learning.
  • Identify your actual learning ability and acquired knowledge.

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