How to move forward from failure?

By Shane Lester

You need a new framework for learning!

Creating a new Learning Frame will help you learn your way to success.

Your mind naturally views situations and experiences in terms of learning.  From birth you have been creating Learning Frames to explore and explain the world around you.  How you learn is framed by your behavior, genetics and biology.

Successful people learn knowledge, skills and attitudes in unconventional ways that help them target and structure relevant information to maximize their energy while they learn from their failures, moving rapidly toward their goals. In other words, successful people are not only good learners, but perceptive and deliberate learners.  

Based upon neuroscience and instructional design principles Learning Frames will help you master the unspoken framework that successful people use to achieve their goals.

Increase your mindset for learning

Some things you learned about yourself in school are not true. You actually can change, and your mind can embrace new knowledge.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. There is no recipe for learning.
A framework for learning is more powerful than a prescribed method or style of learning.
Learning Frames is a systematic approach to change your learning behavior and mindset, helping you learn your way to success. 

How to learn from failure

Achievements are the result of learning how to overcome and learn from failure.  When you fail to reach your goals you need to frame your experiences as something to learn from by create a new Learning Frame.

Learning Frames is a fundamental way to change your learning behavior, which changes your brain and rewires it for learning.  Learning Frames will help you diagnose your learning needs, formulate learning goals, and implement appropriate learning strategies.  Every topic, every subject, every need to know more, can be placed within a Learning Frame. Learing Frames empowers you to personalize, target and structure relevant information to maximize your energy, as you learn from your failures, moving rapidly toward your goals.

Success is all about learning.  How you view learning will determine your level of achievement.


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